0 A.D. Alpha 23 – A Historical Real Time Strategy Video Game

0 A.D. is a free and open source historical real time strategy video game developed and released by Wildfire Games. It focuses on the Ancient Age and boasts of a multitude of playable civilisations, including the Republican Romans or the Ancient Greeks.

The latest version, labeled Alpha 23 Ken Wood, adds a series of new features over the previous releases, introducing a brand new civilization, a mod downloader (for mods such as Millennium A.D. which focuses on the Middle Ages, Anglo-Saxons, and Norsemen), colours for diplomacy, an enhanced AI system as well as many other improvements and fixes.

0 A.D. wallpaper featuring the ancient city of Rome. Image source: www.play0ad.com

The addition of the Kingdom of Kush (i.e. the Ancient Egyptians) is probably the greatest add-on that this new version comes up with. That, coupled with a series of astounding random maps, makes 0 A.D. Alpha 23 Ken Wood a must for real time strategy fans from all around the world.

The new random maps that have been included in the single player mode are the following ones:

  • Lower Nubia;
  • Jebel Barkal (the holy mountain of traders near the Nile River);
  • Elephantine Island (an island on the course of the Nile River);
  • Fields Of Meroë (a peninsula in the proximity of the Nile River);
  • Hellas (a random map of ancient Greece; it focuses on a unique part of Greece that changes every time the player starts a new game);
  • Dodecanese (an archipelago of 12 Greek islands);
  • Scythian Rivulet (a winter map);

The new version of 0 A.D. is accompanied by a series of new skirmish maps as well:

  • Via Augusta;
  • Egypt;
  • Butana Steppe;

You can also take a look at the new version trailer here:

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