10 Mesmerising Medieval Landmarks of Transylvania

10. The Baroque-styled Bethlen-Haller Castle in Kokelburg

View of the Bethlen-Haller castle in Kokelburg (Romanian: Cetatea de Baltă), located in Alba county. Image source: www.karpaten.ro

9. The Fogorasch citadel

Panoramic view of the Fogorasch (Romanian: Făgăraș) citadel located in Brașov county. Image source: www.romaniadacia.wordpress.com

8. The Romanian Orthodx Densuș church

The Densuș church located in Hunedoara county. Firstly built as a Roman temple in the 2nd century AD after the Roman conquest of Dacia, then rebuilt as an Orthodox church in the 7th century with additional modifications made during the 13th century, the Densuș church is the oldest and best preserved Romanian church. Image source: www.ap-arte.ro

7. The Rosenau citadel

The Rosenau (Romanian: Râșnov) citadel located in Brașov county shrouded in the fog of the Carpathians. Image source: www.romaniadacia.wordpress.com

6. The Gothic-Rennaisance Corvin castle

The Gothic-styled Corvin Castle located in Hunedoara county, one of the largest castles in Europe. Image source: www.unexploredparadises.eu

5. The Törzburg castle

The Törzburg (Romanian: Bran) castle located in Brașov county. Image source: www.bran-castle.com

4. The Transylvanian Saxon fortified church of Birthälm (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

The Birthälm (Romanian: Biertan) fortified church located in Sibiu county. Image source: www.stiuunloc.ro

3. Schäßburg city centre (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

The Clock Tower in Schäßburg (Romanian: Sighișoara) located in Mureș county, the tallest and best preserved medieval structure of the city which lies in the historic centre. Image source: www.allwonders.com

2. The Black Church in Kronstadt

The Black Church in the city of Kronstadt (Romanian: Brașov) located in Brașov county is the largest Gothic-styled Lutheran cathedral from South-Eastern Europe. Image source: www.orangesmile.com

1. Hermannstadt city centre

Panoramic view of the city centre of Hermannstadt (Romanian: Sibiu) located in Sibiu county. Hermannstadt was designated European Capital of Culture in 2007 (alongside Luxembourg) and was ranked 8th by Forbes magazine in a top of the most idyllic places to live in Europe. It is also the hometown of the 5th and current president of Romania, Klaus Werner Johannis, a Transylvanian Saxon who also served as the mayor of the city for 10 years, between 2000 and 2014. Image source: www.aktual24.ro

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