10 Most Peaceful Nations in the World

The world’s 2012 peace index revealed global progress as more nations are striving to maintain peace via non-violence, civil liberties, democratic governance, etc.. The world’s 10 most peaceful nations were selected according to these criteria.

Among the nations with a higher peace index are the ones located in Europe (especially the ones which are already part of the European Union) and some states in Eastern Asia (South Korea and Japan) as well as in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand).


From Europe, the countries with the highest global peace index are the Scandinavian states, Switzerland, Slovenia, Ireland and Austria. According to the 2012 peace index, New Zealand, Denmark and Iceland ranked the highest globally in terms of non-violence, civil liberties and democratic governance.

Below you can see the top 10 most peaceful nations in the world as of 2012 with their afferent global peace index score given in brackets. You will clearly see the fact that two countries might be ranked on pair since they share the very same peace index thus sharing a joint place.

10. Switzerland (1.349)
9. Finland (1.348)
8. Slovenia (1.330)
6. Ireland (1.328) and 7. Austria (1.328)
5. Japan (1.326)
4. Canada (1.317)
3. New Zealand (1.239) 2. Denmark (1.239)
1. Iceland (1.113)

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  1. Sally-Ann Hoyne says:

    This is interesting. Now I would like to compare this list against the top 10 countries starting with the least economic gap, to the greater gap between rich & poor based on individuals

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