Respectful reader,

If you enjoyed my work on this website and would like to know more about my personal literature, then here’s where you can purchase my very first book on the Vikings and the Viking Age entitled ‘The Viking Realms: A Fascinating and Adventurous Introduction into the Viking Age’ in both digital and paperback format via Amazon.

The book (which is part of my personal literature) represents a compressed, well-defined, myth-busting, and non-fictionalised overview on the Viking Age and the Norsemen, focusing on their major achievements throughout the renowned Viking era. It encompasses content available on the website as well as some extra chapters.

With respect to the main points of interest, it revolves around navigation, exploration, settlement, society, traditions, folklore, and mythology. All these aspects are analysed within an objective manner, without clinging to the old (sometimes) so-called “spectacular” (wrong) assumptions on the history of the Norsemen and of early medieval Scandinavia alongside its North Atlantic colonies (i.e. Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland).

The first edition of the book was published on Amazon Kindle in December, 2016. You can purchase the book via here! Please note that in the case of the Kindle edition VAT is equally included. Additionally, you can also check the reviews on the Goodreads profile of the book. Thank you!



Update note: As of mid 2018, I eventually decided to further expand and issue a second edition of this non-fiction novel. The second edition of the book will certainly contain bonus material, stemming mostly from previously written articles that have been publishing on the website since the book was firstly released on Amazon back in December of 2016.


Therefore, ‘The Viking Realms‘ will comprise a selection of equally interesting new chapters and sub-sections (each supported by reliable scientific sources and references) which will make the novel delve even more into the times when the Norsemen were at the peak of their expansion during the early Middle Ages.