How To Make Delicious Hot Dogs – The Proper Danish Way

In terms of quick snack gastronomy, the Danes are mostly famous for their open faced sandwich on rye bread — known in Danish as ‘Smørrebrød‘ — or for the Danish pickled herring, yet some people might not be weary of the fact that some of the most delicious hot dogs in the whole wide world are actually made in Denmark.

The ingredients that you need to use in order to make tasty hot dogs the Danish way are the following ones:

  1. pickles
  2. dried roasted onions
  3. ketchup
  4. mustard
  5. remoulade
  6. red sausage
  7. soft bun

Key ingredients that differentiate the Danish hot dog from the standard American one are represented by the Danish fried onions and, of course, the remoulade. This sauce is composed of mayonnaise, mustard, salt and relish. It is very common in Denmark and absolutely indispensable for the hot dogs or any other quick snack.

In Danish, this hot dog is commonly referred to as ‘pølse’, being sold on street in Copenhagen at the pølsevogne (hot dog carts). The Danish hot dog carts have varied menus serving the Pølse, with such traditional Danish ingredients as apple ketchup, remoulade, fried onions, red sausage (‘rød pølse‘ in Danish) and sweet pickles, in addition to the basic ingredients (i.e. mustard and the soft bun). The pølse is actually Danish for a long red smoked sausage with sweet spices such as cardamom and nutmeg.

Typical Danish hot dog. Image source:

Concerning the history of the Danish hot dog, it must be mentioned that as early as 1910 the very first hot dogs were officially sold on the street in Denmark, tremendously growing in popularity in the Scandinavian country ever since. The first Danish hot dog stand was opened in 1921 in Copenhagen. In 2009, the first organic hot dog stand was opened in Copenhagen. When it comes to how many Danish hot dogs are consumed, a recent statistic reveals that as much as three million sausages are sold annually by the Danish hot dog stands.

Below you can watch a short video on Youtube from ScandinaviaToday on how to make a Danish hot dog:

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  1. Fred Orend says:

    Sounds interesting! I would definitely try one! For some reason I thought mayo was an American thing. Thanks for including the condiment recipe!

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