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The Legendary Football Match Between The Faroe Islands And Austria

The national football team of the Faroe Islands, although mostly modest in results, managed in the passing of time to obtain critical acclaim through some stunning results. The Faroe Islands Sports Association was formed in 1939. Since then, the National League was created in 1942 while cup competitions were introduced as early as 1955. From…

10 Facts You Should Know About The Faroe Islands

Here’s a list of 10 significant facts you should know about the Faroe Islands: 10. The Faroe Islands are an archipelago located in the North Atlantic Ocean, at almost equal distance between Norway and Iceland. The islands are part of the Kingdom of Denmark but have autonomous status since 1948. 9. With an area of…

Total Solar Eclipse 2015 In The Faroe Islands

As one old Faroese legend claims, four brothers used to live in the village of Sumba, a settlement located in the most southern point of the Faroe Islands. They were all brave and powerful, yet unfortunately they were constantly quarreling and fighting each other, sometimes even threatening to take each other’s lives in real skirmishes….