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Norway – The First Country In The World To Stop Deforestation

Norway has officially become the first country in the world to ban deforestation and stop using products stemming from deforestation. Thus, any product which stems from deforestation will be banned in the Scandinavian state. The Parliament of Norway pledged on May 26, 2016 that the government’s public procurement policy will become deforestation-free. The pledge was…

10 Scandinavian Artists You Should Listen To

Be it jazz, electronica, pop, or rock, Scandinavia has it all. If you’re a huge fan of the aforementioned musical genres, then you’ll certainly like the following 10 Scandinavian acts ranging from electronic music to jazz. The following list briefly describes 10 Scandinavian artists that you should really listen to in your some spare time….

10 Mythical Beings From The Scandinavian Folklore

Below is a list of 10 mythical beings from the Scandinavian folklore that you should know. These fictional characters are part of the Norse mythology and have been described in many texts since Ancient times. The first denomination of some mythological creatures below will be given in Old Norse, followed by the modern counterparts in…

15 Renowned Vikings You Should Know

Below is a list comprising 15 renowned Norsemen (Vikings) who are known for having sailed over the North Atlantic Ocean during the 9th and 10th centuries or who are reputed for having played a pivotal role in the history of the early medieval Scandinavian states and of Western Europe during the early Middle Ages. 15….

10 Funny Youtube Videos About Scandinavia

Below is a selection of 10 most funny videos on Youtube that come with a humorous approach towards all the stereotypes concerning Scandinavia, the Scandinavian states, their history, and culture. While some of these might not be found that pleasant by some people (most notably, perhaps, the natives themselves), please keep in mind that the…