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The Art Of The Vikings (Documentary)

There is a considerable number of myths surrounding the Vikings and the Viking Age. Among the most well known ones are the claims according to which they there were ruthless barbarians who plundered Catholic abbeys during the Dark Ages only out of a cruel instinct, while others have it that they worn horned or winged…

10 Funny Youtube Videos About Scandinavia

Below is a selection of 10 most funny videos on Youtube that come with a humorous approach towards all the stereotypes concerning Scandinavia, the Scandinavian states, their history, and culture. While some of these might not be found that pleasant by some people (most notably, perhaps, the natives themselves), please keep in mind that the…

Top 10 Misconceptions About Scandinavia

Below is a top of 10 most popular misconceptions about Scandinavia: 10. The unbearable cold climate A common misconception about Scandinavia is that the weather is very cold and that it rains way too much. In reality, not everywhere in Scandinavia the weather is unbearably cold. It depends very much on the geographic location (i.e….