The Music Of Ireland: Jigs And Reels

The Music Of Ireland: Jigs and Reels is a compilation album by Michael Irish Band Feeny which includes fourteen beautiful Irish folk songs. The album is also available on Amazon here.


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  1. The Maudabawn Chapel/Wild Irishman, the/Moher Reel (composed by Martin Byrnes) performed by Kevin Burke/Mícheál Ó Domhnaill 2:57
  2. Paddy O’Brien’s/Scatter the Mud/Arthur Darley’s (performed by Gerald Trimble) 4:35
  3. The Stone in the Field/The Steeplechase/The Culfodda Reel (performed by James Keane) 3:17
  4. Dillon’s Fancy/Miads in the Meadow/Toss the Feathers (performed by Kevin Crawford) 3:10
  5. Paddy Fahy’s Jig/Sean Ryan’s Jig (performed by Martin Hayes) 5:06
  6. Robbie Hannan’s Jigs (performed by Jerry O’Sullivan) 2:25
  7. Johnny Doherty’s/Seán Cheo/Lady Gordon (performed by Joanie Madden) 3:24
  8. The Congress Reel/Down the Broom/Star of Munster (traditional composition) performed by The Irish Tradition 4:29
  9. Humors of Ballyloughlin/Knocknagow (composed by Eileen Ivers/traditional composition) performed by Eileen Ivers 4:26
  10. The Green Fields of Woodford/Cat’s Rambles (performed by Jack Coen) 2:14
  11. The Bucks of Oranmore/Wind That Shakes the Barley (performed by Joe Burke and Charlie Lennon) 2:18
  12. The Cúl Aodh Jig/Blue Angel (performed by Buttons & Bows) 3:20
  13. Dunmore Lassies/McFadden’s Handsome Daughter (performed by Mick Moloney) 2:39
  14. The Scully Casey’s/Tidy Woman (performed by John Williams) 4:05

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