Total Solar Eclipse 2015 In The Faroe Islands

As one old Faroese legend claims, four brothers used to live in the village of Sumba, a settlement located in the most southern point of the Faroe Islands. They were all brave and powerful, yet unfortunately they were constantly quarreling and fighting each other, sometimes even threatening to take each other’s lives in real skirmishes.

One day they were out in the mountains tending their sheep when a sudden darkness fell upon them. They were absolutely terrified when noticing it and promised the Lord that if they would survive this experience they would all change their behaviour towards each other and become better. Soon enough after the sun came out, the legend says that they instantly hugged and never fought nor quarreled once again for the rest of their lives.

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This legend is believed to be a recollection of a total solar eclipse recorded in the Faroe Islands on May 30, 1612 at 11.25 AM. On March 20, 2015 a total solar eclipse will once again cover the Faroe Islands in darkness starting from 09.41 AM.

The Faroe Islands will be one of only two places in the world where this eclipse can be observed from land (the other one being the Svalbard Islands located in the Arctic Ocean and belonging to Norway).

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and blocks out the direct light of the sun. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks out the sun completely, forming a shadow on the earth. For this to occur, the sun, the earth and the moon come in a straight line in their orbits and it will seem like the moon has covered the sun.

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