Vikings Season 1 Full Soundtrack

Vikings is an Irish-Canadian TV series broadcasted on the Canadian TV channel History. The serial was written by Michael Hirst and was integrally filmed in Ireland. It started to be televised from 2013 and to date it has three seasons. The show tells the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Norse chieftain, who is willing to explore and raid distant lands. The theme song is performed by Fever Ray and is entitled ‘If I Had a Heart’.

The show is based on Book IX of the 12th century chronicle ‘Gesta Danorum’ by Saxo Grammaticus as well as one an Icelandic saga entitled ‘Tale of Ragnar Lothbrok’. In spite of the fact that the serial isn’t 100% historically accurate, it gained positive reviews on behalf of various critics.

The average running time of an episode is 45 minutes and the number of episodes is 10 (starting from the second season). The first season was intended to be a miniseries and it featured only 9 episodes but given the positive feedback that the show received, it was renewed for multiple seasons.

Here’s the full soundtrack for the first season:

Track list:

  1. If I Had A Heart – Fever Ray
  2. Battle Field
  3. The Eye of Odin
  4. Of Fathers and Sons
  5. Journey to Kattegat
  6. Northern Lights/Entry to Kattegat
  7. The Sunstone
  8. You Shall not enter Valhalla
  9. Meeting Floki
  10. Ragnar’s Sail
  11. Ragnar Recruits
  12. Seduction
  13. Vikings Set Sail
  14. North Sea Storm
  15. Madness Takes Hold
  16. Vikings Reach Land
  17. Vikings Attack Village
  18. Floki’s Fire
  19. Vikings Sail Home
  20. Vikings in Hexham
  21. Mano e Mano
  22. Battle on the Beach
  23. Athelstan asks for Freedom
  24. Ragnar Challenges the Earl
  25. Making a Deal
  26. Earl Accepts the Challenge
  27. Ragnar Fights the Earl
  28. Sending the Earl to Valhalla
  29. Ragnar Takes the Throne
  30. The Angel of Death
  31. Lagertha Oversees Dispute
  32. Vikings Attack
  33. Rollo is Baptised
  34. Rollo Left Behind
  35. Ragnar Meets the Naked Woman
  36. The Ash Tree
  37. Aslaug is with Child
  38. An Uncertain World

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