Vinduerne (The Windows) By Danish Author Leif Panduro

Vinduerne is a 174-page novel by Danish author Leif Panduro. It was published for the first time in 1973 and once again in 1977. The book is written in Danish but it has been translated in several languages from the point of its release.

The frontal cover of the book. Image source:

The frontal cover of the book. Image source:

About the author

Leif Panduro was born on April 18, 1923 in Frederiksberg, Denmark. In 1971 he was awarded the Grand Prize of the Danish academy. In 1976 (one year prior to his death), he became member of the Danish Academy. By profession, Panduro was a dentist and he began writing during the 1950s.

Panduro mostly wrote about the senseless norms of the society as well as about people who can’t conform to the social rules for a certain reason. Panduro’s novels, plays and short stories are very popular in Denmark, some of them being subsequently made into films.

The plot of the novel

The plot comprises various views on an apparent ordinary Danish society, yet at some points quite peculiar. The stage? Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, during the end of the 1960s. Among the characters: a difficult schoolgirl who has just fallen in love with her teacher, a murderer, some bikers, the girls from the pornshop, a beautiful woman who hides under a blonde wig, a specialised medical doctor who plays tennis fairly well, as well as many others.

In spite of the fact that the book itself is quite short (comprising 174 pages), the story of all of the characters will lead you to a far greater satisfying reading.

The book is analogically titled ‘Vinduerne’ — which in Danish translates as ‘(the) Windows’ — because of the protagonist’s interest in voyeurism and his curiosity about the appearances of his neighbors standing in front of their homes’ windows.

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